• Kazza Sinks and Quartz

care Instructions

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for purchasing Kazza products. We really hope you enjoy your new project as much as we enjoy designing these lines for your complete satisfaction. It is also our job to instruct you and your family on how to keep these products safe for a long and lasting durability years to come. Your new KAZZA product is made of Premium Stainless Steel 16 and 18 gauge depending on the line of product you have chosen. The Steel used will resist normal abuse and it is highly resistant against corrosion; however we do recommend the following to prevent damage to your new product:



1- Clean daily with mild detergent and soft sponge, rinse and dry off.
2- From time to time polish to restore its original beauty and shine using any polishing cream made for stainless steel of your choice.
        3- Use a grid at the bottom. It will prevent hot pots touching the steel directly and also scratches and dents. Brand called Top Brite usually removes minor damages. Bar Keepers Friend is another option and usually removes almost anything including rust.


1-Do not harsh chemicals inside the sink; if not able to handle in your hands it is not safe for your stainless steel product.
2-Never lay rusted objects or prone to rust inside the sink, although incapable of rusting itself it will stain and it may never come off. 
3- There is no way to avoid minor dents and scratches and they usually blend in. 
Do not try to remove because it may cause it to become worse.
4- Do not place hot pots in excess of 280 C. The thermal shock due hot/cold in the sink can cause damage.
5- Do not make use of your sink as a cutting surface. Reduce accidental damage.
6- Do not throw alcohol, gasoline, acids and solvents into the sink. It could react with the 
chemical structure of the steel and damage beyond repair.
7- The use of cleaning powders should be avoided. Some have a tendency to be too aggressive for steel.
8- Pointed object that fall on the surface can cause dents and scratches.




Congratulation and thanks for purchasing KAZZA Porcelain products. 
It is our pleasure to design simple yet elegant porcelain products to your family.
We thank you for choosing our products and consider us for any future project you may have, either on your kitchen or bathrooms. 



We recommend the following for daily cleaning of porcelain products:

1- Use warm water and mild detergent. 
2- Always use a soft sponge to prevent scratching the surface. 
3- Rinse right after applying detergent and cleaning. Do not forget to dry off.

Prevent your porcelain from:

1- Water hardness can stain porcelain. 
Make sure to remove build ups at least twice a week to maintain the color, brightness and beauty of the surface.
2- Lime also builds up especially on corners and hidden spots. The build up from lime is very porous and easily stained. Use a lime remover safe for porcelain at least two to three times a week. Do not use powders as they can easily scratch the surface. 
3- Stains caused by Indian inks, general ink and oil based paint are very hard to be removed. Must be cleaned immediately. If too hard to remove use soft cloth with denatured alcohol, gently rubbing on top of stain until removed. Wash with warm water and dry. 
4- Do not use any abrasive cleaning product unless recommended for porcelain. 
Stains like cigarette burn must be removed however these products must be used with care. 
5- Stain cause by foods like coffee, tea, fruit juice,etc must be removed immediately with warm water and mild soap. Do not let it sit there long. It may become difficult to be removed and strong cleaning products may be required.